Techical Sheet

Website property


This site belongs to the National Entity for the Fuels Market (Entidade Nacional para o Mercado dos Combustíveis, E.P.E).

Entity responsible for the website development


Following a public consultation with several entities, the website creation was assigned to Deloitte.

Used images


The images used on the site were acquired from an image database free of any rights, which can be used for commercial purposes.

Browsers compatibility


For a correct site visualization you should use one of the following browsers: 
  • IE: 9+ Chrome: The last version or the previous one 
  • Firefox: The last version or the previous one 
  • Safari: 5.1+ 
  • Opera: 12.1x, The last version or the previous one 
  • iOS: 6.1+ Android: 2.3, 4.0+ 
The above mentioned list does not mean that the developed features do not run as a whole, but that only these versions are supported.

Technical maintenance and contents management


Deloitte is responsible for the website’s technical maintenance, while ENMC, E.P.E is in charge of the coordination, organisation and management of the site’s information.