ENMC's Social Responsability

Under ENMC’s statutory powers especially regarding fuel quality control, the collection of samples is performed nationwide for analysis purposes. With the publication of the analytical results, ENMC shall donate fuel samples – non used in the analysis - to legally recognized Social Solidarity Institutions, by simply submitting their registration in this website and in the reference field.

The Institution’s identification will be published by order of registration, being the fuel donation (diesel and petrol) sequentially performed following the registration priority and knowing that ENMC will also publish here the performed donations.

Institutions of Social Solidarity, which has benefited from the donation of a fuel sample:

1. Fundação Obra do Ardina (raffle realized in the 25th november of 2015)
2. Associação In My Shoes (raffle realized in the a 25th november of 2015)
3. CERCIOEIRAS (raffle realized in 3rd May of 2016)
4. Centro Social Paroquial do Milharado (raffle realized in the 14th September of 2016)
5. Fundação Obra do Ardina (raffle realized in the 14th September of 2016).
6. AMITEI - Associação de Solidariedade Social de Marrazes (raffle realized in the 7th July of 2017)