The National Council for the fuels Market (CNC) is foreseen in the paragraph e) of the nr 1 and nr 4 and 5 of the article 7º and 15ºA of ENMC's bylaws.

The CNC goal is to monitor the Portuguese fuels market and provide the customers with some market references.

According to the number 3 of the Article 15-A of ENMC's bylaws, the CNC, along with ENMC's Board of Directors, is responsible for the following activities:

  • Issuing an annual opinion on the fuels market functioning;
  • Issuing a biannual opinion on the fuels reference prices;
  • Disseminate the platform that provides the fuel prices set by each retail supplier.

The CNC members are representatives of the oil and biofuels markets players; they represent producers, final consumers, retailers, among others interested players. These representatives are assigned by the Government's main responsible for the Energy sector.

According to the "Despacho nº 13279-D/2014", published on October 30th, by Secretary of State for Energy, the CNC's president is Dr. Dr. José Saturnino Sul Serrano Gordo, being the Council constituted by the following entities:

  • APETRO - Associação Portuguesa de Empresas Petrolíferas;
  • APPB - Associação Portuguesa de Produtores de Biocombustíveis;
  • ANAREC - Associação Nacional dos Revendedores de Combustíveis;
  • EDIP - Associação de Empresas Distribuidoras de Produtos Petrolíferos;
  • APED - Associação Portuguesa das Empresas de Distribuição;
  • DECO - Associação Portuguesa de Defesa do Consumidor;
  • ACP - Automóvel Clube de Portugal;
  • ANTRAM - Associação Nacional de Transportadores Públicos Rodoviários de Mercadorias;
  • ANTRAL - Associação Nacional dos Transportadores Rodoviários em Automóveis Ligeiros;
  • CIP - Confederação da Indústria Portuguesa;
  • CAP - Confederação dos Agricultores Portugueses;
  • ADPC - Associação de Distribuidores de Propano Canalizado.