Evolution of international prices and reference prices for the Portuguese market


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Additional information to be considered

  • Due to an update in the values of the international quotations of Gasoline, in the period between August 1, 2016 and February 24, 2017, the reference prices were rectified in that period.
  • The international prices are presented in the form of evolutionary index, being the initial date of the selected period the base (100). All the other values are then a direct comparison to the selected initial date;
  • The average selling prices for the four products are published by the Direção Geral de Energia e Geologia (DGEG), considering the discounts on the retail selling price. From 27th of June, selling prices for the four products are daily extracted from the Balcão Único of ENMC;
  • The reference prices and the selling prices of LPG Auto public are disseminated daily by ENMC, from 27th June 2016, following a decision by all members of the National Fuel Council.
  • The reference prices are based on the international prices of the refined products, adding costs with biofuels incorporation and other operational costs of the Portuguese market;
  • The reference prices methodology excludes the retail logistics, retail margins and the taxes (VAT) on both these components. Also, in the LPG, the costs with the acquisition and maintenance of the bottles is not included;
  • The spread shows the difference between the average retail selling price and the reference price.
The information above stated do not replace the full read of the reference prices regulation (see regulation and the Decision of the Executive Boarder of ENMC).