The exercise of petroleum exploration and production activities are covered by a single title in the form of an administrative Concession Contract (and respective Addenda), covering all phases of activity.
In what concerns the deep offshore (water depths more than 200 meters), the contract model was defined within the International Bidding Round of 2002 for the attribution of rights in the deep offshore and according Decree-Law 109/94, of 26th of april.

Onshore - Lusitanian Basin: "Batalha" and "Pombal" Areas
Australis Oil & Gas Ltd. applied for the granting of three concessions through Direct Negotiation.
The concession contracts of "Batalha" and "Pombal" areas were signed, on 2015/09/30, with the company Australis Oil & Gas Portugal.

Deep-Offshore - Alentejo Basin: "Lavagante", "Santola" and "Gamba" Areas
The concession contracts were signed, on 2007/02/01, with the consortium Hardman / Galp / Partex.

In 2010/03/25, by Addenda to the contracts, these areas were held by the consortium Petrobras / Galp.

In 2014/02/01, by Addenda to the contracts, these areas were held by the company Galp.

Since 2014/12/18, by Addenda to the contracts, these areas are held by the consortium ENI / Galp.

2016/ 2017

  • Alentejo Basin: 1 exploration well to be drilled by the consortium ENI / Galp

Who handles the exploration data?
  • The exploration data from activities of companies that operated in Portugal, over the years, are available in ENMC instalations.

Commission Recommendation:
  • In accordance with the COMMISSION RECOMMENDATION of 22.1.2014 on minimum principles for the exploration and production of hydrocarbons (such as shale gas) using high volume hydraulic fracturing, the following is reported:
    • Number of wells completed and planned projects involving high-volume hydraulic fracturing: None.
    • Number of petroleum concessions: 2 onshore concession contrats for petroleum prospecting, exploration, development and production, denominated "Batalha" and "Pombal" (Australis Oil & Gas Portugal). For the licensing conditions see the related document attached (point 4). However, it should be noted that for the current year no hydrocarbon exploration and/or production activities involving unconventional methods (ex., hydraulic fracturing) are foreseen, as the studies are yet in a very preliminary stage. In case of such be enventualy required by the concessionare, the project will be subject to an Environmental Impact Assessment process, prior to the licensing of the operation, regulated by Decree-Law n.º 151-B/2013, of 31 of October with the ammendments made by Decree-Law n.º 47/2014, of 24 March and by Decree-Law n.º 179/2015, of 27 August, and according to the Commission Recommendation.
    • Baseline study produced under points 6.1 and 6.2 and the monitoring results produced under points 11.1, 11.2 and 11.3(b) to (e): None.
  • Note: A working group was established in order to prepare a document on recommended practices to be followed during shale gas exploration/exploitation activities.